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Spanish guitar being strummed by maestro Rafael Iglesias

Spanish Guitar Chords – Two Easy Chords For Beginners

You'll be playing like a true flamenco in minutes with two easy chords, E Major and F Major

by Michael on 5/7/2024

Akustik Gitarre Lernen: Zur Sache kommen

by Michael on 5/6/2024

Los Verdiales de Malaga – Flamenco Guitar Palo
Los Verdiales de Malaga – Flamenco Guitar Palo

With an infectious energy and vibrant spirit, this palo celebrates life!

by Michael on 5/1/2024

How To Play the B Chord on The Guitar

The B Chord appears in the flamenco rumba as well as other styles – let's take a look at it

by Michael on 4/28/2024

How to Play the F Chord On The Guitar

The F Chord appears often in flamenco music – Rafael shows you different ways of playing it

by Michael on 4/28/2024

How to Play the A Chord On The Guitar

Get to know one of the most common (and basic) chords used in flamenco guitar and acoustic guitar more generally

by Michael on 4/28/2024

フラメンコ 歴史:パロス – フラメンコ音楽のムードとスタイル


by Michael on 4/26/2024

How To Play Flamenco Guitar – From the Flamenco Performer Who Has Taught Celebrities

Flamenco is a huge genre that takes a lifetime to master, but you can get started quickly

by Michael on 4/5/2024

Principiante en Guitarra Flamenca: ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de empezar a aprender?

Aprende a colocar tu postura correctamente, distingue tu mano izquierda de la derecha y luego sumérgete en la rumba o la bulería para comenzar en la guitarra flamenca como principiante.

by Michael on 2/7/2024

Escalas Guitarra Flamenca

Escucha a continuación una escala típica de guitarra flamenca.

by Michael on 2/7/2024

Acordes de Guitarra Flamenca

Los principales acordes utilizados en la guitarra flamenca (con video adicional para principiantes e intermedios).

by Michael on 2/7/2024

La Mejor Guitarra Flamenca

¿Quieres conocer la mejor guitarra flamenca? ¡Depende de tu presupuesto! Por qué la Guitarra Correcta importa:

by Michael on 2/7/2024

flamenco metronome
Top Flamenco Guitar Tip for Students: Using a Metronome!

One of the better ways to practice flamenco guitar and to improve is with a metronome. We list our favourite online tool

by Michael on 12/31/2023

flamenco compas on the guitar
Compas in Flamenco Guitar

The compas, or rhythm, is distinctive in flamenco music and varies by the palo (style).

by Michael on 12/27/2023

Flamenco Akkorde

Die wichtigsten Akkorde in der Flamenco-Gitarre (mit Zusatzvideo für Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene)

by Michael on 12/24/2023

La Rumba Flamenca: How To Play Rumba on The Flamenco Guitar

Perhaps the most fun, upbeat 'party' style palo of flamenco guitar – which is friendly for beginners – Rafael explains the key to mastering the rumba for beginner guitarists

by Michael on 12/19/2023

alzapua flamenco technique
Alzapua Technique in Flamenco Guitar

Practice it slowly and build up speed - it will take on a life of its own

by Michael on 12/15/2023

Flamenco Arpeggios: What's The Proper Technique?

The correct finger placement and steady practice will get you there in no time

by Michael on 12/12/2023

flamenco picado guitar technique
Picado Technique in Flamenco

To create a percussive picado sound, pay attention to your fingers.

by Michael on 12/11/2023

Wrist Hurts While Playing The Guitar? Your Wrist Is Telling You: Time to Review Your Posture!

In seriousness – review your posture before you compound an injury. As a bonus, you'll improve playing comfort, play faster and have more fun as you get better with some minor posture tweaks

by Michael on 12/9/2023

flamenco guitar right hand – keep your wrist relaxed
What's the Right Way to do Flamenco Strumming? Answer from a Master Flamenco Maestro

Whatever you do, keep your right hand relaxed – and practice with intention – we promise you'll get better, and you avoid wrist injury!

by Michael on 12/7/2023

Flamenco Instruments

Flamenco music involves a few essential instruments that define its soulful sound. But the guitar takes the lead, setting the mood for different styles, known as palos

by Michael on 11/23/2023

What is Flamenco Guitar?

The Flamenco guitar is more than just an instrument; it's the heartbeat of an art form that expresses a rare depth of human emotion.

by Michael on 10/31/2023

best beginner flamenco guitar list
Best Flamenco Guitar: Top 5 Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Models

Want to know the best flamenco guitar? It depends on your budget, and sorry to say, your own personality!

by Michael on 10/31/2023

Flamenco Guitar Practice done correctly: how can I best practice?

Get your back posture correct, keeping both hands relaxed, then master your rasgueos, chords and scales.

by Michael on 10/25/2023

Is it possible to learn Flamenco Guitar online?

Learning flamenco guitar online offers convenience. But it may not be for everyone. Let's explore the fundamental steps and challenges of learning flamenco online and offline.

by Michael on 10/25/2023

Buying a Flamenco Guitar or Spanish Guitar from Spain

Sure, but the guitar does not need to be necessarily from Spain!

by Michael on 10/23/2023

Do I need special flamenco guitar strings?

Historically, flamenco guitar strings were made of gut. Now, it's nylon. Let's take a look at their differences.

by Michael on 10/16/2023

Flamenco Guitar Players – who should I listen to?

Flamenco music is central to Spanish culture and comes with a rich history, with some modern developments. To improve your flamenco playing, understand who the guitarists who have influenced it

by Michael on 10/16/2023

flamenco guitar nails lesson
Do I need special flamenco guitar nails to play?

Rafael discusses: are there necessary sizes or shapes for flamenco guitar nails? No – it varies – but it will make your playing far easier (and enjoyable) when you get it right.

by Michael on 10/15/2023

Flamenco Guitar Golpeador
The Flamenco Guitar Golpeador (or Pickguard)

The Golpeador is used in flamenco guitar to protect your instrument when using techniques such as the golpe. Let's take a brief look...

by Michael on 10/12/2023

Rasgueos de guitarra flamenco
Flamenco Guitar Right Hand Technique – or 'Rasgueos de guitarra!'

We go over two basic flamenco right hand techniques – the five and four-finger rasgueado – as well as common student mistakes when doing them

by Michael on 10/12/2023

Beginner Flamenco Guitar: what's the best way to start learning?

Learn to get your posture in place, know your left hand from your right, then dive into either the rumba or the buleria to get going in flamenco guitar as a beginner

by Michael on 10/10/2023

Rafael playing a flamenco guitar scale
Flamenco Guitar Scales

How to play a typical flamenco guitar scale on the guitar

by Michael on 9/27/2023

Flamenco vs. Classical Guitar

Distinct in origins, techniques, and artistic expressions. A Flamenco Maestro looks at the difference between the two instruments and playing styles (with video)

by Michael on 9/21/2023

Flamenco buleria chords
Flamenco Guitar Chords

The main chords Used in Flamenco Guitar (w/ extra video for beginner to intermediate players)

by Michael on 9/19/2023

Correct guitar posture – Rafael demonstrates the modern guitar posture
Flamenco Guitar Position: what is the correct playing posture in flamenco guitar?

Get posture right to improve your playing, comfort and avoid injuries

by Michael on 7/17/2023

sinfonia del mar, spanish guitar composition
Sinfonía del Mar – New Spanish Guitar Piece by Rafael Lloyd Iglesias

Inspired, composed and recorded entirely in northern Finistère, Brittany. Flamenco guitar with classical orchestral arrangements and electronic synthesizers.

by Michael on 7/13/2023

Rafael guitarist playing the flamenco solea
Soleá in Flamenco Guitar

A mournful flamenco style invoking solitude and loneliness

by Michael on 5/29/2023

flamenco guitarist rafael
The Flamenco Palos – moods and styles of flamenco music

Discover the mournful sounds of the soleá, the energetic buleriá and the carefree sound of the alegría de Cadiz – the palos flamencos

by Michael on 3/23/2023