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Buying a Flamenco Guitar or Spanish Guitar from Spain

Sure, but the guitar does not need to be necessarily from Spain!

by Michael & Rafael

Rafael has taught and performed flamenco guitar for over 40 years, including many famous stars – from EOB (Radiohead) to Jack Peñate (recorded with Adele).

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Buying a Flamenco Guitar in Spain

For those seeking to purchase a flamenco guitar in Spain, there are considerations to ensure you get a good instrument for your budget. As Rafael discusses below though, the guitar does not need to be necessarily from Spain!

Types of Flamenco Guitars

Flamenco guitars come in various forms, and understanding the differences is crucial. The two primary types are 'blanca' and 'negra.' Blanca guitars have a brighter sound, ideal for traditional flamenco styles, while negra guitars offer a warmer tone and are suitable for a broader range of music.

Consider the Woods Pay attention to the woods used in the guitar's construction. Cypress and spruce are common for the back and top, respectively, in blanca guitars, while negra guitars may use rosewood and cedar. The choice of wood significantly affects the guitar's tone.

Playability and Comfort Test the guitar for playability and comfort. Flamenco guitars typically have lower action, making them easier to play for the fast, intricate fingerpicking and strumming techniques common in flamenco music.

Sound and Projection Flamenco guitars should have a percussive and crisp sound, with great projection. When testing a guitar, play both soft and loud to assess its dynamic range and responsiveness.

Brand Reputation Pay attention to well-established guitar makers and brands with a reputation for producing high-quality flamenco instruments. Names like Conde Hermanos, José Ramirez, and Amalio Burguet are synonymous with exceptional flamenco guitars. Cordoba do good quality guitars as well.

Budget Considerations While you can find flamenco guitars in a wide price range, investing in a high-quality instrument is advisable for serious musicians.

Try Before You BuyAlways play the guitar before making a purchase. Each instrument has its unique character, and finding one that resonates with your style and preferences is crucial.

Documentation Ensure that the guitar comes with proper documentation, such as a certificate of authenticity. This documentation can be important for resale or proving the instrument's origin.

Consider Vintage Guitars Vintage flamenco guitars, if in good condition, can offer a unique and historically significant option. These instruments often have their own stories to tell.

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