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Flamenco Guitar Players – who should I listen to?

Flamenco music is central to Spanish culture and comes with a rich history, with some modern developments. To improve your flamenco playing, understand who the guitarists who have influenced it

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flamenco guitar nails lesson

Do I need special flamenco guitar nails to play?

Rafael discusses: are there necessary sizes or shapes for flamenco guitar nails? No – it varies – but it will make your playing far easier (and enjoyable) when you get it right.

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Flamenco Guitar Golpeador

The Flamenco Guitar Golpeador (or Pickguard)

The Golpeador is used in flamenco guitar to protect your instrument when using techniques such as the golpe. Let's take a brief look...

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Rasgueos de guitarra flamenco

Flamenco Guitar Right Hand Technique – or 'Rasgueos de guitarra!'

We go over two basic flamenco right hand techniques – the five and four-finger rasgueado – as well as common student mistakes when doing them

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Beginner Flamenco Guitar: what's the best way to start learning?

Learn to get your posture in place, know your left hand from your right, then dive into either the rumba or the buleria to get going in flamenco guitar as a beginner

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Flamenco Guitar Scales

Take a listen below to a typical flamenco guitar scale

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Flamenco vs. Classical Guitar

Distinct in origins, techniques, and artistic expressions. A Flamenco Maestro looks at the difference between the two instruments and playing styles (with video)

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Flamenco chords

Flamenco Guitar Chords

The main chords Used in Flamenco Guitar (w/ extra video for beginner to intermediate players)

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Correct guitar posture – Rafael demonstrates the modern guitar posture

Flamenco Guitar Position: what is the correct playing posture in flamenco guitar?

Get posture right to improve your playing, comfort and avoid injuries

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sinfonia del mar, spanish guitar composition

Sinfonía del Mar – New Spanish Guitar Piece by Rafael Lloyd Iglesias

Inspired, composed and recorded entirely in northern Finistère, Brittany. Flamenco guitar with classical orchestral arrangements and electronic synthesizers.

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