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flamenco picado guitar technique

Picado Technique in Flamenco

To create a percussive picado sound, pay attention to your fingers.

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Wrist Hurts While Playing The Guitar? Your Wrist Is Telling You: Time to Review Your Posture!

In seriousness – review your posture before you compound an injury. As a bonus, you'll improve playing comfort, play faster and have more fun as you get better with some minor posture tweaks

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flamenco guitar right hand – keep your wrist relaxed

What's the Right Way to do Flamenco Strumming? Answer from a Master Flamenco Maestro

Whatever you do, keep your right hand relaxed – and practice with intention – we promise you'll get better, and you avoid wrist injury!

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Flamenco Instruments

Flamenco music involves a few essential instruments that define its soulful sound. But the guitar takes the lead, setting the mood for different styles, known as palos

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What is Flamenco Guitar?

The Flamenco guitar is more than just an instrument; it's the heartbeat of an art form that expresses a rare depth of human emotion.

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Best Flamenco Guitar

Want to know the best flamenco guitar? It depends on your budget!

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Flamenco Guitar Practice done correctly: how can I best practice?

Get your back posture correct, keeping both hands relaxed, then master your rasgueos, chords and scales.

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Is it possible to learn Flamenco Guitar online?

Learning flamenco guitar online offers convenience. But it may not be for everyone. Let's explore the fundamental steps and challenges of learning flamenco online and offline.

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Buying a Flamenco Guitar or Spanish Guitar from Spain

Sure, but the guitar does not need to be necessarily from Spain!

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Do I need special flamenco guitar strings?

Historically, flamenco guitar strings were made of gut. Now, it's nylon. Let's take a look at their differences.

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